Saturday, 12 November 2016

Bedtime Stories

I’ve just received a copy of the Miles Kelly ‘Illustrated Treasury of Bedtime Stories’ just in time for the weekend! 

I illustrated the front cover last year and it’s great to see how well the printed version has turned out. It can take
a year or two, after the original artwork is created, for a book to be printed and distributed. As a result, 
when you finally receive a physical copy it’s a welcome reminder and addition to my bookcase.

The illustration was created digitally, developed from a pencil sketch, as is most of my work. The foiled lettering
and spine looks great and adds a real touch of quality to the overall finish. To find out more about this book, as
well as other great titles, please visit the Miles Kelly website.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Feature Friday: Jes Hooper Pyrography and Pointillism Art

Where are you from?
I am from Brighton on the South Coast of England. I live there with my partner and my adopted greyhound Dylan. 

Where do you currently practice your artwork?
I work from my home studio and also from my workshop in the Sussex countryside. I like to split my time between 
my illustrations on paper and my woodwork-it is a great combo of messy and tidy work!
Are you self taught or have you completed any training?
I am a self-taught artist. I began pyrography as a hobby in November 2015 when my partner (who is a carpenter) 
bought me a hobby kit as a gift. He wanted to help me keep positive during a hard time of unemployment. 
I posted some photos on instagram of my progress and people began contacting me for commissions 
and asking to purchase my work. It took off from there and I went self employed in February this year.

How would you describe your artwork/process?
I would describe my artwork process as "zen". The majority of my artwork is made using "pointillism", 
whereby I apply thousands upon thousands of dots which blur in the viewers eye to form complex images of animals. 
This is a very labour intensive and time consuming process however I get lost in my work listening to music and pondering about life. It's all the admin and marketing that goes with the job of self employed artist that I find a little less relaxing!
What is your biggest influence/inspiration?
My biggest influence/inspiration for my artwork is the emotion of animals. I try to capture the animals personality, 
whether it is the aged wrinkled face of an elephant or the relationship between two turtles swimming through the 
ocean current. I also love 'Finding Nemo' by Pixar, so that helped with inspiring my 'Ocean Oak' collection!

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I am about to start another large oak piece; two elephants with entwined trunks. I have been looking 
forward to this piece after spending the past two months creating two entirely new ranges of tote bags and greetings 
cards. I have missed working with timber, and look forward to sharing my progress on instagram.

Where can people see your work?
I currently have my work in several places online and in-store. 
Online you can find my work on Etsy, my website gallery & shopand Things British retail store. 
I also sell through Things British in their retail shop in Chapham Docks in Kent. In Brighton you can find my work 
at The Old Tree Cafe, The Oriental Hotel and Thomas Rainsford Art Gallery. I will also be showing my work as a 
guest artist at this years Open Houses Exhibition in Brighton (dates and venue to be released soon via my website).

Jes Hooper Pyrography and Pointillism Art

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Feature Friday: Ali Macdonald Art

Where are you from and where do you currently practice your artwork?
New Jersey, I now live in New York, NY
Are you self taught or have you completed any training?
I had training in undergraduate and graduate programs. I hold a B.A. in Studio Art from Williams College 
and an M.S. degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute.
How would you describe your artwork/process?
Brightly colored and spontaneous scribbled thoughts fueled by coffee or wine.

What is your biggest influence/inspiration?
My grandmother. She has unbelievable style and a refreshingly naughty sense of humour. 
Where can people see your work?
Visit to see my artist portfolio and check out 
to shop my paper goods, pillows and prints. 
What are you working on at the moment?
I'm currently designing my Spring Collection for LARK+RAVEN and creating new additions to my recently 
launched bridal paperie, Love Lore.

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Illustration Friday: Stripes

This week's Illustration Friday entry. The theme this week is Stripes.