Thursday, 21 July 2016

Feature Friday: Shovava Wearable Art - Roza Khamitova

Where are you from and where do you practice your work?
I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan and I grew up in New York City. I now live and work in Byron Bay, Australia.
Are you self taught or have you completed any training?
I was born into a family of artists so I had an artistic upbringing.
I did go to School of Visual Arts as well. 
How would you describe your artwork/process?
At the start of every process is the idea and inspiration. I have always been enchanted with the image of wings, nature designed them for utility but blessed them with endless variety and beauty. I have especially been drawn to their inherent power and symbolism. 
My scarves are created using age-old artist techniques of draftsmanship and painting combined with the marvels of the latest technology. I first hand draw full-spread wings on paper with a light pencil. Then, painstakingly, I outline each line with black ink and proceed to add in details to create the illusion of three dimensions. Finally, I paint with acrylics to create a great variety of vibrant colours. These designs are then digitised on the computer  and I make final tweaks or adjustments. The artwork is then printed using the latest digital textile printers in a very meticulous and careful process that ensures the product retains all of the feel and detail of my hand painted originals.
What is your biggest influence/inspiration?
I draw inspiration from everywhere and I don’t have to look far to find it. The natural world is the greatest source of excitement, visual beauty and intellectual interest for me. I live in the most beautiful area in Australia where nature shows off its beauty in all its glory. I am surrounded by the jungle, sea, forests, lakes and valleys and am visited by all kinds of birds everyday. A few weeks ago, swallows built a nest above my bedroom and I watched them fly by all day by simply looking out of my window. 
Have you ever received any artistic awards for your work?
My biggest award is the love and appreciation I get from my fans.
What are you working on at the moment?
Right now I'm working on a new bikini line which I'm super excited about. I have a new collection coming out: new kimonos, kaftans, skirts and leggings all adorned with my new art.

Illustration Friday: Gone Fishing

My Penguin Illustration seemed fitting for this weeks Illustration Friday topic with the theme 'Stomach'

Sunday, 17 July 2016

New Baby Washing Line Card

The start of summer has seen a few new arrivals with family and friends so it seemed the perfect time to share this card project before we post them.
You will need:
A Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Double Sided Tape
Foam Pads
Curious Critters Collection: New Baby Dimensional Card
1. Fold an A4 sheet of card in half to create an A5 card blank. 
For this project turn your card blank landscape. 
2. Print off the dimensional craft sheet and cut out the scene on the left hand side of your sheet. Attach the scene onto the front of the card blank using double sided tape. (You can either leave a small even white gap around the scene or trim the card blank down so the scene goes to the edge of the card as shown above).
3. To create your washing line, pierce two holes through the front of the card at either side of the top of the fence as shown. Thread a piece of string through the holes fixing to the inside of the card. Attach a sheet of paper or card on the inside of the card to hide the ends of the string.
4. Cut out the rest of the elements from the craft sheet. Arrange the clothes across the washing line attaching each element with a mini peg as shown. Add foam pads behind the clothes to help secure them to the front of the card.

5. Cut out your chosen sentiments from the sheet. Arrange around the card and once your happy attach them to the card with foam pads.

This craft sheet contains both pink and blue elements ideal for baby boy and baby girl cards!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Feature Friday: MaggieMagoo Designs Contemporary Homeware

Where are you from and where do you practice your work?
I’m originally from the North East of England but I’ve lived in Leeds for over 20 years. I have a small studio at home. I work as MaggieMagoo Designs, the name was inspired by my scruffy little terrier Maggie - she’s a total character and it’s lots of fun having her as my mini helper!
Are you self taught or have you completed any training?
I studied printed textiles and surface pattern design at Leeds College of Art but I would say I’m also self taught to a certain extent. I’ve worked in the greetings card industry for a number of years but decided I wanted to get back into textiles and surface pattern design.

How would you describe your artwork/process?
I have a passion for pattern and am always doodling on scraps of paper, lots of my initial designs also come from mark making. I tend to rework and recolour my sketches and drawings on my Mac. I love being able to create a pattern in Illustrator or Photoshop very quickly. My design work often begins as hand drawn doodles which I then scan in to my laptop and develop into patterns - adding colour, texture etc. The doodles and sketches can be something as basic as some splodges drawn with a stick and some ink to something more detailed such as drawings of flowers and plants. I’m inspired by nature and I also take inspiration from my huge collection of vintage fabrics, ceramics, crockery and glassware. I love mid-century design and Scandinavian style as well. I try to put my own take on these influences to create something that is my own unique style.

What is your biggest influence/inspiration?
I love mid-century art and design and I’m also very inspired by nature, spending a lot of time walking my dog Maggie in the Yorkshire countryside

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m really enjoying making embroidery hoop art at the moment, I’d like to explore this medium further and see where it takes me. I’d also like to make repeat patterns for fabric from some of my current tea towel designs.

Where can people see your work?
I have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my designs and I also sell through a number of independent design shops across the UK. I enjoy doing craft fairs and this is where I have my more handmade designs such as my embroidery hoop art. I’m also a big fan of Instagram and Pinterest. I regularly post images of my work on these forums.

If you are interested in showcasing your work click here to find out more!