Friday, 13 November 2015

Feature Friday: Bud Bullivant Sculptures

Where do you currently practice your artwork?
I have a studio in my small rural Minnesota home, but my artwork is not only minimal in design it takes minimal tools.  Therefore with a small roll of wire and a needle nose pliers, I can find a comfortable spot under a tree, at a picnic table or wherever I feel inspired to create.

Are you self-taught or have you completed any training?
My formal training is in art education, but my work in wire has come from a love of drawing and the challenge of creating them in 3D. I like to convey a lot with a limited amount, so I work with minimalism.

How would you describe your artwork/process?
My wire sculptures are one of a kind, three-dimensional drawings, simplifications of the intricate designs inspired by nature. I typical use 16 gauge steel wire, a needle nose pliers, and mount the wire sculpture on a piece of driftwood. It is my hope that my work reflects my love of the natural world and that it is kind to the environment as well. 
What is your biggest influence/inspiration?
All my life I have been an avid outdoorsman and a storyteller, as an artist these two aspects of my character partner together in a wonderful way. I love to create art that shares my observations of the simple beauty of nature and the stories that come from time spent in the outdoors. My art is inspired by nature and reflects my great love for the world around me.
Have you ever received any artistic awards for your work?
I have been awarded a variety of grants to advance my work through the McKnight Foundation and the Arts/Cultural Heritage Fund of Minnesota. I have entered my work in local, state, national and international shows and have had some recognition at all levels.

Where can people see your work?

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