Thursday, 16 March 2017

Feature Friday: Graham Carter Printmaking & Illustration

Where are you from? 
My home town is Gloucester but I currently live in Seaford with my wife Alice and son Noah (and boy number
two who’s arrival is imminent!).

Where do you currently practice your artwork? 
I have a printing studio/workshop in Hove. It used to be a physical space for Boxbird Gallery, run by my wife, 
along with a printing space out the back. We recently cut costs and turned the gallery space into a shared 
environment with desk space to rent. We miss the gallery space but it’s fun having new, like-minded people
around to share the studio with.

Are you self taught or have you completed any training? 
I studied for an Illustration degree at Brighton University followed by a post graduate diploma at 
Central St. Martins.

How would you describe your artwork/process? 
It does tend to vary quite a bit. I’m not very good at sticking to a system and I like to experiment to keep things 
interesting! For printmaking I tend to design on Photoshop so I can move layers and test colour combinations or 
effects. I might begin with a scanned pencil sketch and work from there. In recent years I’ve also enjoyed making
a lot of 3D layered images made from laser-cut wood. This process begins in Photoshop, then I have to separate 
out all the components and trace them in Illustrator in order to send to the laser cutter. I then receive a jigsaw of 
pieces to paint and stick down in the right order. Quite an ordeal but you get a lot of unexpected results-normally 
in a good way!
What is your biggest influence/inspiration? I always find this question hard to answer because I don’t like it to
appear that I religiously follow one or two artists. I find inspiration tends to come from unlikely sources such as
shop window displays, old junkshop postcards or Samurai Jack cartoons! Usually though I just like to take a walk,
sit in a coffee shop or ride a train and let my mind wonder. Instagram sometimes provides inspiration but more
often than not I just despair at the overload of imagery.
Have you ever received any artistic awards for your work?
I’ve won a couple of D&AD awards in my early illustration career, plus a few minor ones. Winning the Brighton
Fringe Festival Visual Arts Prize was what set me on my current path with printmaking, so I’m grateful for that!

What are you working on at the moment? 
My career keeps taking many different twists and turns and I’m currently actually working on some potential
children’s books. My first book Alphamals A-Z has just been released which I’m rather excited about (based
on my A-Z animal prints) so watch this space!

Where can people see your work? 
Online at or  on Instagram or in galleries such as Art Republic (Brighton),
Soma (Bristol) or Rostra (Bath).

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