Sunday, 30 July 2017

Beatrix Potters Hill Top Farmhouse

On a recent trip to Ambleside, situated in the Lake District, we visited Beatrix Potter's 17th Century Hill Top Farmhouse
The property was purchased after the release and unprecedented success of her first book-The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
The Farmhouse was subsequently left in the hands of the National Trust in 1943 when Beatrix Potter passed away. 

You are initially invited down the garden path into a setting that will prove both evocative and somewhat surreal to any
admirer of Beatrix Potter's works. The vegetable garden will undoubtably rekindle childhood memories of mischievous
rabbits in little blue jackets bound for adventure. 

Hill Top remains lovingly and authentically the home of Beatrix Potter, a detailed time capsule of her life and works,
still brimming with personality. The hay meadows are dutifully managed, serving as a poignant reminder whilst similar
sites around the country are suffering degradation and decline.

Hill Top is a microcosm of agricultural, cultural and historical significance; fittingly and perhaps most importantly,
it remains a source of inspiration, a timeless classic.

It's worth mentioning that some of the products in the gift shop are exclusive to Hill Top and that purchases help to
conserve these wonderful and significant sites.

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