Thursday, 4 August 2016

Feature Friday: Quill & Fox - Yas Imamura Illustration

Where are you from and where do you currently practice your artwork?
I'm a visual artist from Portland, Oregon. I illustrate and run my paper shop from 
our home.

Are you self taught or have you completed any training?
I went to art school for graphic design but I was already self-taught prior to that, 
and when I decided to branch out into traditional illustration I just kept practicing.

How would you describe your artwork/process?
A slow and sometimes rigorous buildup of brainstorming and sketches. The execution becomes an absolute delight when I have clear set goal and vision, much less frustrating. The early hard work is well worth it!

What/who is your biggest influence/inspiration?
Duvoisin, Charley Harper, Henri Matisse, Maira Kalman, Eleanor Macnair
You've Stolen My Heart
What are you working on at the moment?
Christmas cards - eek! I'm late! I'm also working on some commissions.
Where can people see your work?
At but the cool process stuff is on Instagram

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