Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pro Arte: Watercolour beginners brush guide

Pro Arte
 Here’s one for the watercolour painters out there. Take a look at our guide to create a basic set of brushes for beginners.

1: Flat brush. A great brush for blocking in small areas of colours and creating different marks.
2: Round Brush. Use smaller versions of this brush for detail and larger versions to block in colour.
3: Rigger. Great for detail, I use small versions of this brush that only have a few hairs to paint super-fine details.
4: Long Flat or Wash Brush. Use this brush to create washes and cover large areas. This brush can hold a lot of water and is ideal for  blocking in large areas of vivid colour.

Our Tip: Visit your local art shop and see what brushes and starter sets they have to offer!

There are many different types of brushes you can use to create various effects. To find out more information please visit:

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