Sunday, 13 March 2016

Unravel Game: Make A Yarny

We recently played 'Unravel' by Coldwood for the Xbox One. The game explores broken bonds and forgotten memories as 'Yarny' makes his way through beautifully detailed environments in this physics based platformer. 
After playing Unravel we had to make a Yarny for the studio!
What you will need:
(1) Red yarn/wool, (2) White yarn/wool (3) Paper clips (4) Flexible Wire (5) Pliers
Firstly you will need to cut a length of wire. Bend it in half and twist it back along itself. The length of the wire will determine the size of your yarny - we made a big Yarny with legs 20cm approx.
Next we create the arms by take a length of wire and again twisting it back on itself. 
Now wrap another piece of wire around at the centre of the arms and legs to bind them together.
Next you will need to make a frame for the head and then attach it to the body as shown in the photo above.
Twist some extra pieces of wire around the head and body, this makes it easier to wrap the wool/yarn around the figure later. Now you have finished your wire frame!
 Choose a starting point (we began at the feet) and wrap the red wool/yarn tightly around the metal frame - try to keep the arms and legs quite thin. Once you have covered the wire start wrapping the thread more randomly and loosely. When you are happy with the shape of your Yarny use a paper clip to push the thread through the body a couple of times, this will hide the end of the thread neatly. The eyes are created using a paper clip to push and pull the white wool/yarn through the red face - remember to keep it loose and random.

Your Yarny is now ready to go on an adventure!

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