Thursday, 3 March 2016

Feature Friday: Cori Dantini Illustration

Where are you from and where do you practice your work?
I am from Washington State and I currently live in a little town called Pullman. I have a wonderful studio in my home.
How would you describe your artwork/process?
I refer to my art as mixed media painting. In a nutshell it is a mixture of layered papers (old and new), combined with watercolour and acrylic paint. I typically draw with calligraphy nibs and ink but I do supplement with various other types of pens, typically at the very end to add in the final details.
Are you self taught or have you completed any training?
I graduated with a BFA from Washing State University, my emphasis was painting and my minor was printmaking; that being said I consider myself self taught.  
What is your biggest influence/inspiration?
I try really hard to speak to the magical things in life, to remind people about all the good things that fill up their days, and I try to do it in many layers.  If you really look at my work you will see all kinds of surprises that aren't necessarily something you notice at first glance.
Have you ever received any artistic awards for your work? 
I received a painting scholarship when I was in college (it was one that they hadn't given out for quite some time), which I feel was a really special acknowledgement from my mentors and teachers. I also won a Louie Award years back in conjunction with a greeting card company called Great Arrow. I like to describe it as an Oscar from the Greeting Card world! That was a great day!!!
Where can people see your work?
You can find my originals, prints, and a few greeting cards at my Etsy Shop

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  1. I just love her work and own 2 original pieces!! :-)